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Sick of plain vegetarian food? Our selection of seasonings will lighten up your world!
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Selection of Seasonings to flavour up Vegetarian dishes.

Sick of plain vegetarian food? Our selection of seasonings will lighten up your world! This pack includes 4 of our finest:

1 x Garlic and Chilli Seasoning (Med)

A most famous and popular flavour out of our entire range! Although a common combination, we have perfected the recipe to give a perfect balance between the heat it gives off and the beautiful garlicy and savoury flavour. This is an all purpose flavour that can be used on practically all dishes.

1 x Gourmet Salad Herbs Seasoning

Different from a seasoning, this brings together the idea for dukkah and salad dressing. A light yet rich and smooth flavour, this will have vegetarians feel like they are in heaven.

1 x Dukkah

The word “Dukkah,” which is derived from the Arabic for “to crush” or “to pound” aptly describes the coarse mixture.

Our Dukkah is mixture of roasted nuts including almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and seeds.Mixed with our gourmet spice blend, this has strong nutty and Moroccan spice like aroma

1 x Moroccan Seasoning

A multi-purpose and well know flavoured blend inspired by Northern African cooking.

Other Information:


Dukkah – Tree Nuts (Almond, Pine Nuts, Hazelnuts), Sesame Seeds

How to use:

Seasoning – Sprinkle evenly on dishes. Use as taste required.

Gourmet Salad Herbs Seasoning – Hydrate this with olive oil for 5 minutes and add a few drips of balsamic vinegar to bring out its rich flavour. Generously cover your salads or use it as a bread dip to enjoy.

Dukkah – Traditional use involves dipping bread into olive oil and then to the Dukkah spice blend. Alternatively, this can be used as a seasoning. Sprinkle evenly on the finished dishes such as avocado & toast, crispy tofu, eggs, salads, salmon and lamb chops.Use as taste required.

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All products are MSG and Gluten Free

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