Cucina Oil (Mild)

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This is a delicate oil with a very mild buttery finish
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A delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil traditionally used when you don’t want it to overtake the flavours of the recipe it is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. This is a delicate oil with a very mild buttery finish. A perfect oil that will partner most cuisines harmoniously. Ideal for baking, cooking and dressing, an ideal substitute for butter, margarine or other oils.


At The Australian Olive Company we utilise the authentic and traditional, first cold press process for olive oil extraction, with minimum time between picking and pressing at our own processing plant. This simply means fresher, tastier and high quality 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E.V.O.O).

All our Olive Oils are ‘Australian Extra Virgin Certified’ and The Australian Olive Company is a proud signatory to the Australian Olive Association’s Code Of Practice’ ensuring the authenticity of all our olive oil products. Our Olive Oils are also independently laboratory tested and certified as ‘100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ by a NATA Accredited Laboratory (Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute/Chemistry Services Laboratory).

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