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Terms & Conditions

Online Store


  • Spend $50 or more free delivery promise follows the following conditions:

    • It is only applicable to Australian addresses. For international locations, the patron must pay for international postage rates as determined by the Australian Post. 

    • Free delivery is applied to checkout if the subtotal (sum of items minus discounts) is $50 or more.

  • Online and Delivery Policy:

    • Alsa Fine Foods is committed to getting orders out in a timely manner with our partnered couriers. Delivery averages between 2–7 business days. Parcels will be sent out within 24 hrs of successful purchase order(s).

    • Buyers must provide information (e.g. delivery address, name) as accurately as possible upon checkout. Failure to provide accurate information may result in a delay in delivery and could also incur additional delivery fee if:

      • The parcel has been sent out and:

        • The delivery address provided is incorrect. Resulting the parcel to either be delivered to the wrong address or “returned to sender”

        • The contact details are incorrect and has been delivered to the wrong person.

        • The user has not attempted to contact Alsa Fine Foods (e.g. email, phone) to amend order mistakes within 24hrs of the purchase order.

    • Refunds or replacements will not be given for the following reasons:

      • If a parcel has been sent out and the buyer has:

        • Changed their mind. Examples include:

          • Not wanting the product anymore 

          • Wanting to change the order content while parcel is in transit

        • Accidently damaged goods/items upon opening the parcel (within the buyer’s control)

      • If a parcel is not received with the estimated 2 -7 business days and is in transit.

        • Delays are possible when in transit with our partnered couriers. This is outside of our control. However, buyers do have a right for refund or replacement if the parcel is determined by our partnered couriers that it is lost in transit.  

    • Refunds or replacements are acceptable on the basis that the buyer can prove that an acceptable reason has been caused outside of their control. Examples of acceptable reasons include (but are not limited to):

      • Parcel is lost in transit

      • Parcel has been damage on route to delivery address

      • Item(s) within the parcel do not match the receipt order

    • If a parcel is returned to us due to an error with your address, we have the right to request payment for shipping your order again.

We encourage our patrons to contact us at or 0410002257 (Allen) for any questions or concerns.

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