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How to cook our yummy Fiji Lamb Curry

Early this year, we went to Fiji for a holiday. One day in the most beautiful 5 star restaurant on the water, we indulged ourselves in a very tasty Fiji lamb curry. It was a flavor we couldn't forget! So that as soon as we came back, we had to recreate it, so we can share this fabulous flavor with you, our patrons.

It is very simple and easy to cook


1. 1/2 jar of Alsa Fiji lamb curry seasoning

2. 2 medium size brown onions chopped

3. 1/2 kg lamb chopped (any parts of lamb)

4. 1/2 kg chats potatoes

5. 2-3 table spoons of cooking oil


1. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan on high heat.

2. Add chopped onions and stir until it is soft

3. Add chopped lamb and stir until meat is lightly browned. Then turn the heat to medium

4. Add Alsa Fiji lamb curry powder and stir until the aroma comes out

5. Add potatoes and water (just enough to cover the meat and potatoes)

6. Simmer until the meat and potatoes are tender and soft

7. Taste to adjust flavor, if it is to light then add more Fiji lamb seasoning; If it is too strong then add little water.

8. Serve warm with rice or bread


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